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Academic Innovation

Fostering excellence in academic physical therapy

To support a culture of excellence and assessment through trustworthy and transparent data management and analysis for academic physical therapy, ACAPT launched a Center for Excellence in Academic Physical Therapy in 2022.

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Excellence Framework & Institutional Profile Survey

  • The Excellence Framework for academic physical therapy is designed as a resource to guide and support ACAPT stakeholders.  It will help direct the work of the Center for Excellence in Academic Physical Therapy and builds upon the ACAPT Criteria for Excellence. In 2022, the Center's Advisory Committee also added two facets to the Criteria for Excellence:
    • Scholarly inquiry
    • Diversity, equity & inclusion
  • In January 2022, ACAPT and its Center for Excellence launched the inaugural Institutional Profile Survey and in March 2022, provided the survey summary and full report.  A new & improved survey will be sent in January 2023 with a new platform that will allow each institution to complete their surveys and view reporting.

  • The Center, led by the Advisory Committee, also adopted its goals, strategies and values.

Blueprint for excellence & other guidelines

  • ACAPT is co-sponsoring an Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) Development Kickoff Workshop for Physical Therapy. The upcoming 2022 workshop will help set the foundation for competency-based education in physical therapy.
  • A work group is developing materials to help DPT programs address population health competencies, including PowerPoint files, lecture recordings, sample assessments and class activities, and a brief instructor guide. These materials will be marketed to DPT programs to help them revitalize existing curricula, create new content threads, and ensure the content is taught by expert instructors.