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Center for Excellence Advisory Committee

See the Advisory Committee's goals, strategies & values.


Center for Excellence Advisory Committee members

Chair:  Kim Topp, PT, PhD, FAAA - University of California, San Francisco (2022-2024)

Board liaison: Peter Altenburger, PT, PhD - Indiana University

  • Julia Chevan, PT, PhD, MPH, OCS - Springfield College (2023-2026)
  • George Fulk, PT, PhD, FAPTA - Emory University (2023-2026)
  • Janice Howman, PT, DPT, MEd - Ohio University
  • Diane Jette, PT, DSc, FAPTA - MGH Institute of Health Professions (2022-2025)
  • Ken Kosior, EdD, PT, MPT, ATC - Quinnipiac University (2023-2026)
  • Jim Lynskey, PT, PhD - Creighton University (2022-2024)
  • Sam Pak, PT, DPT - University of California, San Francisco (2022-2024)


To support and sustain a culture of ongoing assessment and fostering excellence in academic physical therapy by ACAPT member institutions* through data collection, analysis & reporting. 

In fulfilling its charge, the committee will align with ACAPT strategic objectives that include:

  • Institutions will achieve broad understanding of the depth and breadth of academic physical therapy.
  • Institutions will serve as champions promoting the value of active participation in a shared culture of assessment. 
  • Stakeholders will actively engage in creating and implementing assessments based on the excellence framework.
  • ACAPT will collect and analyze valuable data to foster the pursuit of excellence.
  • Institutions will be supported with their assessment and accreditation-related activities. 

In fulfilling its charge, the committee will also address operational issues across key domains that include: survey reviews, prioritization of data collection, and timely reporting. 

*  “Institutions” means both the academic and clinical settings


To support academic program decision-making.


The committee shall work with ACAPT staff and consultants to:

  1. Evaluate requests for quantitative and/or qualitative data to ensure they are:

    • Aligned with the ACAPT Criteria for Excellence, Excellence Framework and ACAPT’s strategic plan.
    • Approved and scheduled for maximum response and efficiency, while considering other member communications and surveys.
  2. Annually recommend a comprehensive data collection roadmap with goals and priorities to foster DPT program excellence based on membership survey priorities, Criteria for Excellence & ACAPT strategic plan (by end of second quarter for the following year.)  Coordinate timing and communication of the roadmap with ACAPT staff and budget cycle. 

  3. Review all ACAPT draft surveys, data and reporting for relevance, consistency, standardization, and ties to Criteria for Excellence and ACAPT’s strategic plans – including, but not limited to:

    • Provide feedback on question phrasing that will elicit best data for institution improvement.
    • Identify redundant questions.
    • Assist with timely data analysis, visualization and reporting to membership, including trends analysis and recommendations based on the reporting.
    • Establish clear data definitions and documentation.
  4. Raise awareness, advocate, educate and promote data assessment and encourage buy-in, ownership, communication and use of data for decision-making by all stakeholders.

  5. At least one representative from the committee will be a liaison with APTA to collaborate and share data, including working with CAPTE and other relevant groups.

  6. Recommend the pricing structure for specialized reports for members and non-members.  (Members will receive general reports at no extra cost.)  Recommend data reporting access – e.g. public vs. member only.

  7. Identify any external PT education-related reports that need to be vetted for accuracy.

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