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Excellence framework for PT education

Jun 16, 2021

ACAPT has had members from two task forces working for more than a year on developing an Excellence Framework for PT Education that builds upon ACAPT's Criteria for Excellence with priority categories for tracking PT program success. 

Based on this work, ACAPT plans to finalize a pilot baseline DPT program demographic survey by the fall and at ELC, announce a roll-out plan for a full survey to program directors. 

The critical categories for assessment of programmatic excellence in academic physical therapy are listed below.  ACAPT is working to refine this work to provide more guidance for DPT programs.  You'll learn more in the coming weeks and at the Educational Leadership Conference (ELC).

  • Cultivates transformative and visionary leadership
  • Embraces innovation and risk-taking
  • Sustains a culture of continual assessment and improvement
  • Sustains a culture of collegiality, collaboration, and role modeling
  • Inspires motivated and engaged learners
  • Promotes a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Sustains a spirit of scholarly inquiry
  • Employs contemporary, evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning
  • Promotes adaptive, lifelong learning and professional formation
  • Embraces leadership development
  • Promotes authentic, collaborative inclusive community partnerships
  • Inspires social responsibility, investing in local, regional and global health and addressing contemporary societal needs through advocacy
  • Exemplifies influential, shared vision among stakeholders

Thank you to Kim Topp and all members of the ACAPT Data & Tech Task Force, as well as Susie Deusinger and all members of the ACAPT Task Force to Explore the Creation of an Excellence Recognition Model.

We welcome your thoughts and comments about above; you can email acapt@acapt.org.


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