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Academic Innovation

Advancing research
To support the development of the next generation of education researchers, ACAPT continues to sponsor mentoring events and provide valuable resources.  ACAPT is also committed to fostering a culture to advance scholarship in physical therapy programs.


  • Education Research Network at the 17th Annual Physical Therapy Education Leadership Conference (ELC) and a CSM graduate student social co-sponsored with the ACAPT Research-Intensive Programs in PT (RIPPT).
  • Grant-writing & mentorship in education research (GAMER) is a highly-interactive 4-day workshop providing participants with mentoring expertise and support to be successful at the national level in obtaining funding for physical therapy education research. 

    Twenty-nine faculty have received mentoring over the 4 years ACAPT has sponsored this event.

  • Mini-GAMER: This 1-day grant-writing & mentorship in education research workshop helps build upon participants’ education research questions and helps them create a plan of action.  Over 50 participants have participated in the last 5 years.
  • Training in grantsmanship for rehabilitation research (TIGRR):  Participants receive advice about how to obtain federal research grants. Over 350 participants have been trained since this program began.
  • ACAPT's Education Research Committee collected data from nearly 200 participants to gain an understanding of faculty experiences and the climate of education research in physical therapy.  Results will be shared at the 2022 Physical Therapy Education Leadership Conference (ELC).
  • ACAPT’s Research-Intensive Programs in Physical Therapy (RIPPT) Consortium continued its webinar series around the theme: How research informs clinical practice and clinical practice informs research.