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Academic Innovation

Enhancing clinical education

ACAPT is working on innovative models for clinical education and simulation.

Enhancing the academic-clinical partnership

ACAPT is identifying opportunities for deeper engagement with clinical partners and their affiliated academic programs.

  • NCCE leadership is working with the New England Consortium of Clinical Educators to host an inaugural roadshow (November 2022) to generate strategies for enhancing communication and networking among clinical education stakeholders.

Strategizing for best placement & observation hours practices

Academic programs require an extensive network of clinical education sites and clinical instructors to provide adequate clinical education experiences for their students.  In recent years, the availability and challenges with clinical education placements have grown and ACAPT is responding:

  • A task force on Clinical Education Placement Capacity and Process Innovation began in March 2022 and is gathering data, conducting a survey of site coordinators of clinical education (SCCEs) and exploring options for transforming the current placement process to maximize availability and efficiency.

  • An ACAPT group is investigating pre-admission observation hours practices and helping to determine if alternative experiences are a better way for incoming students to prepare.  ACAPT members approved this policy on Observation Hours in Admissions in 2020.  Review more in the Observation hours section on the clin ed resource page.

Encouraging interprofessional education (IPE) and integrated clin ed (ICE)

Through ACAPT’s National Consortium of Clinical Education (NCCE), we developed the following webinars:

Clinical education common terminology

  • In 2022, ACAPT and the APTA Academy of Education collaborated to expand the functionality of the glossary and are developing a searchable online database of terms that we plan to populate with more definitions over time. 

Fostering simulation best practices

Physical therapy simulation