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Task Force on Clinical Education Placement Capacity and Process Innovation

Task Force on Clinical Education Placement Capacity & Process Innovation



To gather data regarding current and projected future clinical education (CE) capacity (supply and demand), determine if capacity issues are affecting the placement process and explore options for transforming the current placement process. Based on their investigation, the task force will formulate bold, innovative and forward-looking recommendations to maximize availability of CE experiences, enhance distribution of placements and streamline administrative processes associated with requesting, offering and confirming placements.


This task force seeks to gather data from a broad spectrum of CE stakeholders including those in other health professions and diverse academic and clinical settings, with the following objectives:

  • Determine the demographics of existing and potential clinic sites.
    Recommend definitions for the term capacity and its related concepts (i.e. supply, demand, surplus, distribution, etc.).
  • Determine supply and demand trends for CE experiences (actual or perceived, current and projected).
  • Estimate the impact of capacity on the future of the placement process. 
    Provide recommendations for ensuring sustainability of CE capacity for the future of the profession. 
  • Provide a systematic review of the placement processes used in other health professions focusing on the benefits and challenges related to capacity, placement rates, efficiency and academic-clinical partnership relations.
  • Suggest opportunities for transforming the current placement process to enhance efficiency and capacity while building upon existing individual and regional partnerships.


Chair:     Jamie Greco, PT, DPT, EdD - Duke University

Capacity Subgroup
Subgroup Lead:  Janet Konecne, PT, DPT, PhD - Western University of Health Sciences

  • Jessica Maxwell, PT, DPT, PhD – Northeastern University
  • Thuha Hoang, PT, PhD – LSUHSC – New Orleans
  • Mari Knettle, PT, DPT, EdD – Cleveland Clinic
  • Tiffany Marulli, PT, DPT, PhD - The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
  • Tabitha Bonney Rozeboom, PT - Sharp Memorial Hospital

Michael Brents, PT, DPT, MHA - CommonSpirit Health at Home

Placement Process Subgroup
Subgroup Lead:  Janet Jackson-Coty, PT, DPT - University of Pittsburgh

  • Valerie Teglia, PT, DPT - University of Southern California
  • Anjanette Nunez, PT, DPT – Emory University
  • Barbara Wasilk, MA, CCC/SLP-L – Northwestern Medicine
  • Peter Haywiser, PT, DPT – Allegheny General Hospital
  • Colette Pientok, PT, DPT - Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

We appreciate all 40 clinical education stakeholders that applied for the task force! The task force began their work in early 2022 and has an anticipated timeline for completion by end of 2023/early 2024.

If questions, contact acapt@acapt.org.

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