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Recognizing excellence in research

Sep 26, 2022

At this year's Physical Therapy Education Leadership Conference (ELC), the ACAPT Education Research Committee will recognize research presentations selected for using the Excellence Framework in academic physical therapy research.

  • This recognition will take place at the Education Research Network Event at ELC on Saturday, October 29, at 5 p.m. CT.   
  • Researchers will provide a brief synopsis of their scholarly work and then actively participate in group networking activities with colleagues of similar scholarly interests.  

Below are the seven recognized research groups:

  1. Immediate vs delayed feedback in a progressive musculoskeletal e-module case for clinical reasoning development

    • Megan Frazee, Krista Gipson, Elizabeth Lyden & Stephanie Langel

  2. Interprofessional education and collaborative practice strategies: Enhancing excellence and innovation in physical therapy education

    • Myla (Myles) Claire Quiben, Amy Crocker, Cheryl Babin, Leah Michelle Lowe, Leslie Torngren Zarrinkhameh, Denise Gaffigan Bender

  3. Myth, magic, or managed? The contribution of non-cognitive factors to physical therapist success

    • Ira Gorman, Janet Bezner, Shawne E. Soper, Nancy B. Reese, Cheryl Resnik

  4. Excellence in the provision of physical therapy clinical education: How do we know if it exists?

    • Jean Timmerberg, Angela Marie Stolfi, Elizabeth Harding, Carol Recker-Hughes, Deborah Pelletier, Ellen Wetherbee

  5. Failing to fail: Clinical instructors perceptions and practices
    • Ruth Hansen, Genevieve Pinto-Zipp

  6. Supporting development of education researchers: Leadership matters

    • Chris Ann Sebelski, Stephen Douglas Jernigan, Karla Ann Bell, Yvonne Marie Colgrove, Tricia Austin, Patricia Michelle Kluding, Susan Flannery Wainwright, Richard Lawrence Segal, Gail M. Jensen

  7. Fostering excellence in PT education research: Results of the ACAPT Education Research Committee survey

    • Jody Eckert, Jamie L. Greco, Patrick S. Pabian, Yasser Salem, Jacquelyn M. Ruen, Kevin Helgeson, Lisa B. Johnston, Peter Altenburger

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