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From ACAPT's Leadership Academy (ALA)

The only online leadership development tool designed specifically for physical therapy administrators, academic and clinical faculty, and students

ACAPT's Leadership Compass:

  1. Review the 12 bolded leadership categories in the boxes below.

  2. Each leadership category has 3 corresponding spheres of influence:
    • Skills for leading yourself - click on the gray Developing circle in the graphic below,
    • Skills for working with others - click on the green Relating circle in the graphic below, and
    • Skills for mentoring others -- click on the orange Influencing circle in the graphic below.

  3. Each of the 12 leadership categories at all 3 spheres of influence also provides key learning outcomes in the pop-up boxes when you click each category. 

  4. Also in the pop-up boxes, you'll find resources to support your self-development plan.  For each resource, we note whether it is:
    • "open access" = no membership required vs. "restricted access" = membership required
    • "free" vs. "purchase required"

  5. This self-assessment tool is available for your personal use to guide your leadership development planning, including instructions and suggestions for how to get the most from the Compass. If you have any questions, you can email ala@acapt.org

ACAPT Leadership Academy Committee Members

Thank you to the following ACAPT members for developing this comprehensive tool:

  • Janet Bezner, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA, Associate Professor, Texas State University
  • Tony English, PT, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Kentucky
  • Nannette Hyland, PT, PhD, Associate Professor, Mercy College
  • Stephanie Kelly, PT, PhD, Professor, University of Indianapolis
  • Barbara Tschoepe, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA, Education Consultant
  • Lisa van Hoose, PT, MPH, PhD, Associate Professor, University of Louisiana Monroe
  • Thomas Werner, PT, MA, PhD, Associate Professor, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences

Please share:
1) Has the Leadership Compass been useful to you? If so, how?
2) Please describe any missing learning outcomes.
3) What additional resources would you recommend? Please provide a link if possible.

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