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Influential leadership strategies: collaborations and partnerships

Influential leadership strategies: collaborations and partnerships

This webinar was presented by the ACAPT Leadership Academy (ALA).

Leadership requires the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes to effectively work with others. Collaboration encourages increased access to information, the appreciation of different perspectives, and collective responsibility, rather than work in silos.

Collaborative leaders assemble diverse teams with different experiences and perspectives. Collaboration can occur within your organization or incorporate partners outside your organization. Collaborative leadership characteristics include open communication, connecting ideas, and unifying efforts toward common goals.

This webinar focuses on: 

  • Development of leadership styles that foster collaboration
  • Development of creative solutions to common problems through collaboration and partnerships

Panelists discusses:

  • How leadership and success are enhanced through collaborative partnerships
  • Experiences in establishing partnerships in clinical education in the unique circumstances of the current health care environment
  • Experiences in an interprofessional, student pro bono clinic

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Target audience: Faculty, academic administrators, directors of clinical education, clinical instructors.

Fee: $20 for ACAPT members and $30 non-members

CEU: 0.10

Learning objectives

  • Define collaborative leadership and its characteristics.
  • Develop strategies to enhance collaboration.
  • Identify potential partners and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Analyze strategies to overcome potential barriers in collaboration.
  • Recognize the value of collaboration in fulfilling leadership roles.


  • Mike Sheldon, PT, PhD, University of New England


  • Elsa Drevyn, PT, DPT, University of Miami
  • Ed Jones, PT, DHSc, University of Indianapolis
  • Terry Loghamini, PT, PhD, Indiana University

If you have any questions, contact events@acapt.org.

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