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National Student Honor Society

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If you're wondering about your eligibility to apply or the steps to take:

  • After reviewing the information on the Honor Society's home page regarding the 
  • Your Program should be able to tell you whether or not you meet the academic criteria to be a candidate for the National Student Honor Society.  If so, follow these steps:
    • Register yourself in order to begin an application.  Be sure to save your login information should you wish to log in at a later time to complete your application.
    • When you register, you'll be asked to provide a 250 word or less description on how your involvement in service, research, and leadership activities personally impacted your professional growth as a physical therapy student in relation to potential membership in the National Student Honor Society. You'll also be asked to describe how your experiences prepared you as a future physical therapist to promote and advance the profession of physical therapy
    • Provide information regarding any/all of the following categories below.  You will see a prompt for each after you register or login.  Be sure to submit each project individually.  You'll be able to review/edit all of your entries before submitting your application.
    • When you are finished with all of your entries, you will see the option at the top of the screen to "Export to PDF", which will compile all of your information to serve as your application.  Select this option and print your application (we recommend you print a copy for yourself as well).
    • Secure 3 letters of recommendation as supporting evidence to accompany your application.  These letters of recommendation do NOT need to be uploaded into the system.
    • Submit your pdf application and letters of recommendation to your institution's program chair/director.  Your program chair/director should forward these to the selection committee. ACAPT does not keep a record of each institution's committee so we cannot assist with submission to your institution's committee. 
    • The program chair/director from each institution should notify ACAPT of their selection committee's decision, according to the selection criteria and the timeline
    • Those selected will be considered Inductees whose names will appear on the ACAPT website.  Inductees will also receive a National Student Honor Society lapel pin and certificate.  Note: Should students or their institution wish to purchase honor cords for their inductees to wear, then they should be sure to use the colors for the Delta Phi Tau Honor Society, which are Teal and Gold in a single cord.  Honor cords purchased are the expense of the student or institution.

Research Criteria:

  • If you actively participated in any research project(s) that was NOT required as part of the physical therapy program
  • Also indicate if the research you did involved PT faculty from your academic program, faculty from other academic disciplines, or no faculty involvement

Service and Leadership Criteria:

  • For the purpose of the National Honors Society “service” is defined as, “Voluntary contributions made by a student to the school, community, or profession provided without receiving personal compensation or academic credit”
  • According to standards of the ACAPT National Student Honor Society, a student should submit exemplars of leadership consistent with the mission of the APTA in “Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.”
  • Characteristics of leadership strength include:
    • Serves as a role model for others
    • Integrity in personal actions
    • Promotes the profession of physical therapy
    • Aspires to greatness in collaboration and mentorship
    • Motivates and inspires positive behaviors in others
    • Challenges the process when appropriate
    • Demonstrates initiative
    • Demonstrates innovation and resourcefulness
    • Creates a spirit of community
    • Acts with good moral judgment
  • Sample behaviors (inclusion/exclusion criteria)
    • Positions held in which the applicant served in leadership roles
      • Roles that helped motivate and inspire others
      • Roles in which the applicant organized and managed a group of people to achieve a goal
      • Leadership roles from multiple examples
    • Applicant should demonstrate involvement in leadership roles that specifically improve the profession
    • Helping fellow students achieve professional goals
    • Leadership roles at school
      • Involved with school-based student physical therapy associations
      • Involved in state roles or special interest groups
      • Involved in national roles representing the school
    • Applicant should demonstrate good moral character
    • No prior record of “behavioral blemishes”, educational and/or other
    • Applicant should provide documented proof of leadership positions

Other Criteria:

  • In addition to the research, service, and leadership options above, we recognize you may have other extracurricular activities in the community or on campus that are NOT related to healthcare and/or physical therapy (e.g., service to community and religious organizations; volunteering at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or animal shelter; new student orientation volunteer on campus, etc.).  Be sure to add an entry for all such considerations in this category.
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