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PEAT Copyright Violations - Status Update

May 10, 2016

This is a status update on the PEAT copyright violations that FSBPT first reported on July 20, 2015.


In mid-July, FSBPT opened an investigation to identify candidates who have accessed or shared PEAT items in violation of FSBPT’s NPTE Security Agreement, PEAT Terms of Use, and US copyright laws.  This investigation was opened after multiple sources provided information indicating PEAT items were being shared on social media sites.  At this time, more than 250 individuals have been reported as participating in the PEAT sharing. 


*** NOTE – Individuals who have their score released may still be sanctioned for violating the NPTE Security Agreement, the PEAT Terms of Use, and/or US copyright laws.***

Individuals who came forward and self-reported or fully cooperated in the investigation when contacted by FSBPT will have their scores released this week.

Individuals who have not completed the security questionnaire they received or who have provided incomplete or inaccurate information will have their scores released as soon as FSBPT completes the investigation. 

  • If you have students who fall into this category, please advise them it is in their best interest to provide honest information about their participation.
  • Students should be advised to provide information as soon as possible and await follow-up from FSBPT.
  • Students may contact security@fsbpt.org if they need to correct their security survey or provide additional information. 


This investigation remains active and additional participants are still being identified.  FSBPT will continue to diligently investigate and take necessary action as quickly as possible.  Next steps are identified based on the candidate’s current status:

  1. Candidates who tested in July. Scores will be released as soon as possible.  Individuals who cooperated will have their scores released this week.  Remaining scores will be released when the investigation is complete. FSBPT will still be issuing sanctions, when merited, even after scores have been released.
  2. Candidates who are registered for October. Sanctions will be issued prior to testing.  In order to sit for the October exam, an individual will have to complete the sanctions. 
  3. Candidates who have not registered or have not been identified.  We will continue to work to identify these individuals and follow-up.  We may ask schools for assistance in identifying some individuals who use .edu email addresses when requesting the unauthorized PEAT materials. 
  4. Individuals who have already been licensed.  We will notify the state board and individual involved if they are being sanctioned and are already licensed. 


Sanctions may include a monetary fine, an online or in-person ethics course, and a requirement to write a curative statement to assure FSBPT the individual understands what they did was wrong and will not participate in such activity in the future.

When sanctions are issued, FSBPT notifies any states where the individual is licensed or where the individual has applied for licensure, and FSBPT updates its Exam, Licensure and Disciplinary Database (ELDD) to indicate that a sanction was issued.  Individuals who are sanctioned are supplied information on how to appeal at the time that their sanctions are issued. 

***NOTE - Individuals who cooperate with the investigation receive a reduction in their sanctions based on the level of cooperation.***


  • For faculty members and CBA - please contact Susan Layton, Chief Operating Officer, by email,slayton@fsbpt.org
  • For students:
    • Supplying additional information that is helpful to understanding the PEAT breach - contact security@fsbpt.org
    • Wanting general information on the status of the investigation – visit . 
    • Wanting individual status information - We will contact individuals directly when we have released their score or issued a sanction.

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