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Compendium for Teaching Professional Level Physical Therapy Content

Aug 25, 2016

Compendium for Teaching Professional Level Physical Therapy Content:

The Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy is pleased to announce the release of the updated “Compendium for Teaching Professional Level Physical Therapy Content, v. 2016”. This compendium is an update of the previous compendium published in 2000 and edited by Margaret Schenkman PhD, PT and Kathleen Gill-Body, MS, PT, NCS.

The purpose of the Compendium is to provide examples of high quality teaching and learning strategies that have been developed and refined by the contributors.  Some activities include detailed patient cases and/or grading rubrics, which can be difficult and time-consuming to write. These will be useful for novice faculty who are seeking innovative ways to deliver content.  In addition, experienced educators will find new ideas and alternative teaching strategies.  The compendium is online, and open access http://www.neuropt.org/education/compendium. Activities may be searched by elements of the patient management model, by pathology, or by type of teaching activity. Activities can be downloaded individually, and educators may freely adapt or adopt the learning activities while providing recognition to the Academy and the original authors.

The Compendium co-chairs would like to recognize the hard work of authors, editors, and Academy leaders in developing this resource. We hope you find it useful in planning your curriculum!


Jody Cormack, PT, DPT, MS Ed, NCS
Sue Perry, PT, DPT, MS
Compendium v.2016   Co-chairs

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