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CPI Training Course Tips for New Users

Dec 15, 2016

CPI Training Course Tips for New Users: APTA has developed tips to ensure that users who are new to the Clinical Performance Instrument (CPI) have a successful experience when completing the PT CPI or PTA CPI training course on the APTA Learning Center. New users are required to complete a training course before they are able to access the CPI. Please share these tips and attached PDF with students, clinical instructors, and others who are new to the CPI.


  1. Avoid taking the CPI course during the last week of March and September.  These are the peak periods for CPI training courses. Users who take the course at other times of the year are less likely to encounter system issues related to volume.


  2. Start the course during regular business hours so staff is available to quickly respond and assist with any questions or technical issues. Questions received during regular business hours are answered on the same day and often within a few minutes. Individuals who submit questions over the weekend may wait 48 hours for a response.


  3. Use Google Chrome for the best experience. Other browsers may result in display issues. You can access the course on a desktop, laptop, or tablet.  If you use an iPad, download the “Articulate Mobile Player” from the app store in addition to the Chrome browser.


CPI and CSIF WEBINARS: Liaison International, APTA’s technology partner, has published its latest CPI and CSIF webinar training schedule that runs from December 2016 through October 2017. Please visit the APTA website for the available dates, topics, and registration links at http://www.apta.org/Educators/CSIFCPIWebinars/.  The webinars are free and grouped under the following topic areas

  • CPI Training Web for Beginners
  • Outcomes Assessment Reports for CPI Web
  • CPI Web Training—Advanced Features & Troubleshooting
  • CSIF Web Training for ACCEs/DCEs


QUESTIONS? Please contact staff for assistance or view the list of frequently asked questions on the APTA website.




CPI Training Course Tips for New Users

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