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ACAPT Opposes CAPTE rule 9.8(a)

Feb 14, 2019

Whereas, The American Council of Academic Physical Therapy’s purpose is to promote quality physical therapist education standards at institutional and national levels, 
Whereas, ACAPT’s goal is to promote physical therapist education through collaboration with organizations and institutions that represent health professional education,
Whereas, over 50-member institutions have provided written opposition to CAPTE rule 9.8(a)
Whereas, there are concerns that rule 9.8(a) will have a negative impact on students, especially those that require deceleration and re-entry due to academic, health, financial, and other life challenges, 
Whereas, rule 9.8(a) has the potential to limit an institution’s ability to offer holistic admissions practices, and to recruit and matriculate students from underserved populations that may require individualized education,
Whereas, there are concerns that rule 9.8(a) has the potential to cause programs to be in violation of due process, as well as university and state policies related to the allowance of medical leave of absence and academic remediation,
Whereas, rule 9.8(a) constrains institutions from conducting competitive business practices (anti-trust), and may have detrimental fiscal implications for institutions when students require deceleration or re-entry, 
Resolved, that The American Council of Academic Physical Therapy opposes CAPTE rule 9.8(a) and requests that CAPTE remove all restrictions and penalties for programs that relate to student deceleration or re-enter into another cohort. 

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