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NSC 2019 Submission Proposals Due March 22

Mar 5, 2019

The submissions link for NSC 2019 is open until March 22: http://www.apta.org/NSC/Programming/ProposalSubmission/

We’re looking for topics to be presented in a 60-minute format that: 

• Provide knowledge, skills, or information that can be applied right away
• Are not duplicative to what students are already learning in the classroom
• Are hot, cutting-edge, or offer a new perspective
• Pertain to both PT and PTA students
• Reinvigorate and inspire
Topics of interest include:
• Non-traditional careers in Physical Therapy
• Clinical or private practice in a very specific specialty area
• Innovations in PT related to technology, new evidence, and education
• Surviving PT/PTA school  
• Personal anecdotes and tools for a successful career
• Collaborative care models
• Complicated patient cases
• Leadership in physical therapy
• Entering the workforce
• Entering the workforce
Members can contact nsc@apta.org with questions about NSC 2019 programming or the submissions process.

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