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Task Force to Explore Data & Technology to Evaluate Program Outcomes

Sep 17, 2019

Call for Volunteers

Purpose: The purpose of the Task Force is to explore what data is currently available versus that which needs to be acquired, along with the technology, systems, and costs needed for ACAPT to assess program outcomes relative to the criteria for excellence.

Objectives: The objectives of the Task Force are to use focus groups or other sound research techniques for broad soliciting feedback and existing systems in other professions in order to:

  • Assess ACAPT’s current technology offerings and what data is captured.  This would include working with existing ACAPT leadership groups to understand their data assessments used or needed;
  • Define the total package of data needed for ACAPT to thoroughly assess outcomes relative to excellence and other initiatives, such as organizational analysis, student debt, etc.;
  • Determine where/how to obtain the data and whether measurement tools exist to capture the data;
  • Identify the alignment and integration with existing data collection mechanisms or cites (e.g., CAPTE, FSBPT, etc)
  • Determine how to make the data measurable in order to define programmatic excellence;
  • Recommend how ACAPT would choose, synthesize, analyze, and interpret both quantitative and qualitative data, turning them into useful information, and then acting operationally and strategically. This requires not just data, but knowledge, insight, and a mindset for intelligent risk taking and innovation;*
  • Evaluate how ACAPT should select and use data and information for program performance measurement, analysis, and review in support of programs’ organizational planning and performance improvement. The item serves as a central collection and analysis point in an integrated performance measurement and management system that relies on financial and nonfinancial data and information;* and
  • Identify the systems and processes needed that would facilitate program outcomes assessment for the purposes of both program growth and overall excellence in academic physical therapy.
* Some of the language above is directly captured from the Baldridge Excellence Framework (Education)

Composition of the Task Force :  The Task Force will be made up of the following:

  • 1-2 members from the Benchmarks Task Force
  • 1-2 members from the Criteria for Excellence meeting
  • 1 consultant skilled in data analytics
  • Up to 5 members with an interest and skillset in this type of work
An ACAPT Board member will be assigned as a liaison to the task force.  APTA Staff and/or a consultant could be asked to serve on or assist with an ACAPT task force, as needed. The Chair organizes the work of the task force, recording meeting notes or minutes of meetings/conference calls, and submitting reports to the ACAPT Board.  

Guiding Principles: The composition of the Task Force should meet the following criteria:

  • Remain in compliance with antitrust guidelines
  • Involve multiple stakeholders in physical therapy education and not the proprietary interests of one practice area segment
  • Not involve any commercial interests
  • Be able to address issues within the timeline established
  • Endeavor to work toward a positive impact for all parties involved
  • Reflect the diversity of the profession
  • All members of the Task Force, with the exception of the consultant, shall be individual members of ACAPT member institutions in good standing. Representation from other communities of interest and/or stakeholder groups for which membership with ACAPT is not possible will also make up the Task Force.

Work Plan: The Task Force follows the working guidelines:

  • Meets monthly via conference calls to review tasks completed and next steps to meet deadlines and objectives
  • Reports progress/status to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis
  • Conducts focus group discussions through an invitation process that factors meeting at ELC 2019 and CSM 2020 as well as virtual conference calls and online surveys

Resources: The following resources will be made available 

  • Support of ACAPT Staff
  • Use of APTA Community Hub for dialogue and document sharing
  • Use of ACAPT conference call line
  • Use of ACAPT SurveyMonkey account
  • Funding for up to $1,000 in travel and up to $500 in food & beverage to attend a face-to-face meeting of the Task Force at CSM 2020

Timeline: The Task Force is expected to meet the following timeline:

  • Consult with the originators of the ASPIRE program along with the Criteria for Excellence board workgroup to gain insights on how they accomplished it and what lessons can be learned from their successes and mistakes
  • CSM 2020 –First face-to-face meeting of Task Force (a virtual meeting may occur before this)
  • June 2020 –Preliminary report to Board
  • September 2020 – Presents final findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors 
The Task Force’s work will be considered completed when it presents a report to the ACAPT Board of Directors of their findings with recommendations. The Board may support and accept any or all of the recommendations.  The Board may also choose to table, take no action or edit the recommendations.  The Board will disband the Task Force when their charge is complete.

Roles and Responsibilities: All members of the Task Force

  • All members must be active participants.  If not, the Task Force Chair may remove them.
  • Adoption of any recommendations for the Board of Directors requires a majority vote of the Task Force members.
Upon approval of this Charter by the Board, the executive office will send a Call for Task Force Members to the ACAPT membership and others as recommended by the Board. This Call will include the details of the Charter and application process.  


Volunteers for the Task Force must have the following qualifications:

  • Time availability for Task Force work as outlined above
  • Willingness to adhere to agreed-upon Task Force deadlines
  • Ability to work collaboratively with Task Force members via email and conference calls
  • Working knowledge of current practice and PT education demands
  • Ability to convert thoughts and ideas into concrete plans and actions

Interested individuals should forward a one page summary that describes your qualifications, including:

  • Your primary area of practice or teaching focus
  • Number of years teaching
  • History of activity within ACAPT or APTA (leadership and other)
  • Reason for wanting to serve
  • Please also provide a copy of your CV or resume. 

Please send notification of interest as above with CV directly to the ACAPT Executive Office at acapt@acapt.org by October 25, 2019, to be considered for invitation. 

Task force members will be selected by the ACAPT Executive Committee and all applicants will be notified within the week of November 4.

All applications shall be compiled and retained by the Executive Office and shared with those making the selection of the Task Force members.

Copyright Assignment: Members of the Task Force will be asked to complete an assignment of copyright to ACAPT before the commencement of the work to be completed as part of the purpose and objectives of this Task Force.

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