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Help advocate against the proposed 9% Medicare cut

Nov 16, 2020

ACAPT supports the ongoing APTA focus on addressing the proposed 9% Medicare cut by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). 

We've heard from educators and know the 9% cut would negatively impact the PT student programs and clinicals. We think the educator/clinical instructor/school angle on the 9% cut would be particularly impactful for legislators to hear on a wider scale.

We ask you to send your own stories to your legislators to help fight the cut.  Each story will be different, but APTA has provided a template letter that you can edit here.

Points to focus on regarding the proposed 9% Medicare cut:

  • Impact on current students – especially those who are in clinicals or will be next year.
  • Impact on incoming students.
  • Impact on DPT school program.

If you need legislator contact information or have other questions, please contact Laura Keivel at laurakeivel@apta.org.  

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