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Physical therapy faculty & scholarship

Mar 15, 2021

In late 2020, the Commission on Accreditation in PT Education (CAPTE) updated its accreditation handbook with a position paper on PT faculty and scholarship. 

Each core faculty member has a well-defined, ongoing scholarly agenda* that reflects contributions to the:

  1. Development or creation of new knowledge, OR
  2. Critical analysis and review of knowledge within disciplines or the creative synthesis of insights contained in different disciplines or fields of study, OR
  3. Application of findings generated through the scholarship of integration or discovery to solve real problems in the professions, industry, government, and the community, OR
  4. Development of critically reflective knowledge about teaching and learning, OR
  5. Identification and resolution of pressing social, civic, and ethical problems through the scholarship of engagement.

*Scholarly agenda: A long-term plan for building lines of inquiry that will result in original contributions to the profession. It should include the principal topics of scholarly inquiry, specific goals that identify the types of scholarship, scholarly activities, and anticipated accomplishments with a timeline and a target source for dissemination. The agenda may also include plans for relevant mentorship and collaboration with colleagues.

CAPTE’s guidelines include types of scholarship with examples of accomplishments.  Read the full CAPTE document & Nov 2020 position paper on page 7

Review ACAPT's CAPTE web page here.

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