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New member portal design & upcoming directory

Apr 27, 2021

ACAPT Member Portal

Good news!  The new ACAPT member portal design aggregates all your unique ACAPT member benefits and contact information within an easy-to-navigate platform that more closely matches the public website.

Be sure to visit the ACAPT member portal at members.acapt.org - or use the Member Portal link at the very top right of acapt.org to either create your profile or ensure your existing information is up-to-date.  Members received a separate email with details about updating your account and privacy settings.

Soon we’ll be offering a new ACAPT member benefitan online membership directory where ACAPT members can log-in to search over 2,000 members (including members of ACAPT's consortia) based on institution, job role, state and names. Don't forget to update your profile before May 17, when the directory launches.

If a member prefers not to make your contact information available to your fellow members, you can navigate to the Privacy section of your profile and select "No access" by May 16, prior to the launch of the ACAPT member directory.

We hope the upcoming online membership directory will help ACAPT members network and collaborate on research, publications and more.

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