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APTA announces 2022 honors and awards

Jun 12, 2022

APTA announced their 2022 honor and awards recipients. Congratulations to the  following recipients who are also ACAPT members!

Catherine Worthingham Fellow of the American Physical Therapy Association

  • John Buford, PT, PhD, FAPTA
  • Jennifer Furze, PT, DPT, FAPTA
  • Michael Harris-Love, PT, MPT, DSc, FAPTA
  • Mary C. Sinnott, PT, DPT, MEd, FAPTA
  • LaDora V. Thompson, PT, PhD, FAPTA
  • Lisa D. VanHoose, PT, MSPT, PhD, MPH, FAPTA
    Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Oncologic Physical Therapy

28th John H. P. Maley Lecture Award

Societal Impact Award

  • Stacey Dusing, PT, PhD, FAPTA
    Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy

Lucy Blair Service Award

  • Angela Campbell, PT, DPT
  • Diane E. Clark, PT, DSc, MBA
  • Ann W. Fick, PT, DPT, MS
    Board-Certified Specialist in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy
  • Peggy J. Lynam, PT, DPT
    Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy
  • Terry Nordstrom, PT, EdD, FAPTA
  • Julie A. Peterson, PT, DPT
    Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health Physical Therapy
  • Susan Wainwright, PT, PhD

Marilyn Moffat Leadership Award

  • David Morris, PT, PhD, FAPTA

Societal Impact Award

  • Reed Handlery, PT, DPT, PhD

Marian Williams Award for Research in Physical Therapy

  • Julius (Jules) P.A. Dewald, PT, PhD

Jules M. Rothstein Golden Pen Award for Scientific Writing

  • Carolee J. Winstein, PT, PhD, FAPTA

Minority Initiatives Award

  • Washington University Program in Physical Therapy

Mary McMillan Scholarship Awards

  • Sydney Neumann, SPT, Pacific University

Minority Faculty Development Scholarship Award

  • Nia I. Toomer-Mensah, PT, DPT
    Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy
  • Archana Vatwani, PT, DPT, MBA

Minority Scholarship Award

  • Michelle Dennis, SPT, Mercer University

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