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Congratulations to new ACAPT leadership

Jun 26, 2023

Congrats to the recently appointed Clinical Education (CE) Commission leadership!

ACAPT members also recently voted for the following new leaders whose terms start in October 2023.

ACAPT new leaders 2023


Board of Directors & Nominating Committee

  • President Kim Varnado, PT, DPT, DHCs
  • Treasurer Amy Heath, PT, DPT, PhD
  • Board member Neva Kirk-Sanchez, PT, PhD
  • Nominating committee member Amber Fitzsimmons, PT, MS, DPTSc
  • Beth Moody Jones, PT, EdD, MS, OCS appointed by the Board to complete Kim Varnado’s term as Secretary when Kim transitions to President
  • Sara North, PT, DPT, PhD, M.Ed., PNAP appointed by the Board to complete Beth’s term as Director when she transitions to Secretary

Read more about ACAPT's new Institutes and restructuring.

Institute for Academic Advancement

Harsha Deoghare, PT, PhD


Timothy Rethorn, PT, DPT

Vice Chair

Institute for Teaching & Learning

Frank Tudini, PT, DSc


Michael Masaracchio, PT, DPT, PhD

Vice Chair

Institute for Community Engagement 

Carol Beckel, PT, PhD


Prisca Collins, PT, PhD

Vice Chair

Institute for Scholarly Inquiry

Carole Tucker, PT, PhD


Richard Souza, PT, PhD

Vice Chair

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