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Survey & focus group for clinical educators & others

Sep 11, 2023

As the representative body for accredited physical therapist programs and their clinical affiliates, ACAPT wants to serve YOUR needs better!

Representation & service task force survey

  • Please complete this 5-10 minute survey to inform an inclusive structure for ALL relevant academic physical therapy stakeholders!

  • Who should complete this survey:
    • PT & PTA site coordinators of clinical education (SCCEs)
    • PT & PTA clinical instructors (CIs)
    • PT & PTA directors of clinical education (DCEs)
    • PT & PTA faculty & administrators
    • PT & PTA fellows & residents

Clinician engagement in academic physical therapy focus groups

The ACAPT Clinical Engagement Task Force is assessing the current landscape of clinical partner engagement in academic physical therapy at the local, regional and national levels.  

We are planning to conduct focus groups with clinicians - specifically SCCEs and CIs

Details about the focus groups

  • Focus groups will be conducted virtually at a date and time convenient to your schedule and should last no longer than 90 minutes.

  • Questions will seek to understand:
    • What an ideal clinical-academic partnership may look like,
    • What is most valuable in clinical-academic collaborations
    • Your engagement with local, regional, or national academic partners in physical therapy education.

  • We plan to use the results of this study and focus groups to establish and publish recommendations for ACAPT to increase clinical partner engagement in academic physical therapy and to suggest opportunities for adapting ACAPT’s membership structure to facilitate a direct relationship between ACAPT and clinical education sites.


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