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CE Commission will host first-ever listening sessions

Jan 23, 2024

ACAPT and the Clinical Education (CE) Commission are pleased to announce the first-ever Clinical Education (CE) Commission Listening Session, a unique initiative to be held on February 7, 2024, at 7 pm ET.  This session is not just another meeting; it's a groundbreaking opportunity to strengthen our network, enhance communication pathways, and collaboratively shape the future of clinical education.

In this session, we aim to carry forward the remarkable work of the NCCE and create more opportunities for open dialogue in clinical education throughout the year. We recognize the power of diverse perspectives and are eager to extend this engagement beyond the traditional participants of the Regional Networking Session at ELC. Your unique insights and experiences are invaluable to us, and we believe your participation will significantly contribute to enriching our discussions and initiatives.

We are particularly interested in exploring various aspects during this session:

  • Identifying gaps and challenges: We seek your perspective on any underrepresented groups or viewpoints in our current dialogues.
  • Soliciting feedback on Commission initiatives: Your thoughts on our current initiatives and suggestions on how we can better meet the expectations of our stakeholders are crucial.
  • Gathering perspectives on current trends: We're eager to hear what emerging trends in physical therapy clinical education excite or concern you, and how you foresee these trends influencing the future of our field.

Your voice and passion for clinical education are essential to making this session a success. Please join us in this exciting networking opportunity and share with all key players in your consortia.  Register now and be part of this transformative initiative.

We want to make sure to recognize the amazing work of those that came before us.  We are grateful for the foundation that the National Consortium of Clinical Education has laid with ACAPT.  Previous leaders have assisted with advocating for clinical education within the organization.  We hope to continue their mission and be the voice of the clinical education community within academic physical therapy. 


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