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National Student Honor Society

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Following are the National Physical Therapy Student Honor Society application steps for PT students:

  • Review the following information:           
  • Your PT program should be able to tell you whether or not you are in the top 25% of your cohort academically. 

    If so, follow these steps:

    • IMPORTANT: Students must register on the ACAPT website here to begin an application and to be considered by your program. Be sure to save your login information so you can log in at a later time to complete your application.  

    • When you register, you'll be asked to provide a 250 word or less description about how your involvement in service or research, and leadership activities personally impacted your professional growth as a physical therapy student. You'll also be asked to describe how your experiences prepared you as a future physical therapist to promote and advance the PT profession.

    • You will see a prompt to log in after you register.  You'll then see a list of categories to complete. Be sure to submit each project individually.  You'll be able to review/edit all of your entries before submitting your application.

    • When you are finished with all of your entries, click the "Export to PDF" option at the top of the page, which will compile all of your information to serve as your application.  Print your application for submission to your program; we recommend you print a copy for yourself as well.

    • Secure three letters of recommendation as supporting evidence to accompany your application.  These letters of recommendation do NOT need to be uploaded into the system.

    • Submit your PDF application and letters of recommendation to your institution's program chair/director in order to be considered for nomination into the National PT Student Honor Society.  Your program chair should forward these to the selection committee. ACAPT does not keep a record of each institution's committee so we cannot assist with submission to your institution's committee. 

    • The program chair from each institution should notify ACAPT of their selection committee's decision, according to the selection criteria and the timeline.
    • Those selected will be inductees whose names will appear on the ACAPT website.  Inductees will also receive a National PT Student Honor Society lapel pin and certificate. 

      Note: Should students or their institution wish to purchase honor cords for their inductees to wear, then they should be sure to use the colors for the Delta Phi Tau Honor Society, which are Teal and Gold in a single cord.  Honor cords purchased are at the expense of the student or institution.