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Motions for Approval

ACAPT member representatives may submit motions annually by August 1 for discussion and voting by the full membership in October during the ACAPT business meeting held at the Educational Leadership Conference (ELC).

Eligibility to speak and vote

All attendees may speak; attendees who are not ACAPT members must receive permission of the representatives to speak.  Only ACAPT representatives may vote. 

In the event a designated representative is unable to attend the annual meeting, the institution may designate an alternate for the meeting.  The alternate must be an APTA member within the institution following the guidelines for being a representative established by the ACAPT.

Representatives must register no later than one hour prior to the annual meeting in order to establish if a quorum is present. Staff will issue each designated representative a voting card for the annual meeting.

Meeting conduct

  • A member wishing to speak shall rise, address the Chair, wait to be recognized, and give his/her name and institution.  If a microphone is available, speakers will be recognized in the order of their lining up at the microphone.
  • No member may speak longer than three minutes at one time on any one question, nor more than once until all who wish to speak have been heard.
  • A member may speak for a third time, on any one question, only with the consent of the Chair or upon a majority vote of the members present and voting.
  • A timekeeper shall be appointed by the Chair.
  • In debate, members must limit their remarks to the merits of a question.
  • All questions of order or appeal shall be decided by a majority voice or standing vote by representatives present and voting.
  • The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the Council in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Guidelines, these Standing Rules, or any special rules of order adopted by the Council.

What to expect of the virtual meeting format

  • We will not have a chat box nor a Q&A in order to ensure the procedures mentioned above are respected.
  • Raise your hand to speak and wait to be called on.  Once you are called on, we will share your video.
  • A timekeeper will mention when you are close to your 3-minute speaking limit and when your time is up.
  • For non-voting members who wish to speak - you must personally contact a member institution's representative and ask permission to get in the queue with a question.  Then, when that Representative is recognized to speak, s/he will say "Is it permissible for ____ from ____ institution to address the body?"  The Vice President, who is presiding over the meeting, will ask, "Is there any objection to having _____ from ____ institution speak?"  If there is no objection, then that individual may speak.  If there is an objection, please raise your hand.  A vote will then be called to determine the decision for the person to speak, which will be based on a simple majority.  The Vice President will recognize the person to speak should the objection not be made by the majority.
  • The meeting will be recorded to ensure the accuracy of the minutes.
  • Amendments to motions may require some downtime on the screen as the editing is being made, so please be patient.
  • If you wish to present a motion, please contact the ACAPT Reference Committee at acaptrc@gmail.com immediately.

To submit a motion for vote at ELC, use this Template for submitting motions. Any motion to be voted on by the ACAPT membership must be submitted by no later than two months prior to the Business Meeting in October at ELC, per the Standing Rules.  Submit your motion by August 1 to acapt@acapt.org.  The Board of Directors will review motions that are to be presented to membership and, if accepted, the motion will be sent to ACAPT's Reference Committee, then to the APTA Parliamentarian for final review to assure all formatting is accurately presented to the members.

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