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The When, Where & How of Telehealth Education in Physical Therapy

ACAPT recently held a webinar discussion about telehealth in PT and PTA education.  In this recording, our leading panelists engage the education community and focus on preparing students for telehealth in the academic environment and guiding students in telehealth during clinical experiences. Participants will leave the webinar with new ideas, implementation strategies, and assessment considerations.

Purchase the The When, The Where, The How of Telehealth Education in Physical Therapy webinar. This webinar took place on November 12, 2020.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify core prerequisite knowledge in telehealth including:

a. Ethical and legal considerations

b. Safety considerations

c. Clinical, administrative, technology

d. Social determinants through ICF lens

e. Interprofessional collaboration

f. Implicit bias in the digital environment

g. Evidence-based telehealth

2. Identify challenges and opportunities in curriculum where telehealth learning should be implemented.

a. Foundational and clinical classes

b. Simulation

3. Gain student performance assessment strategies and considerations for the academic and clinical environments.

a. EPAs, CPI, and other assessment instruments

b. Rubrics

c. Competencies

4Facilitate bidirectional clinical partnerships in providing patient care through telehealth

Target Audience: PT educators, Academic Faculty, Clinical Educators, Clinical Instructors

Intended Audience: Physical therapy educators interested in exploring ways to integrate telehealth in education and assess student performance using telehealth in the clinical environment.


  • $20 for ACAPT members
  • $30 for non-members 

CEU: 0.20


  • Alan Lee, PT, DPT, CSW, GCS, PhD
  • Janice Kuperstein, PT, PHD, MSED
  • Lori Quinn, PT, EdD
  • Nupur Hajela, PT, DPT, Ph.D

If you have any questions, contact events@acapt.org.

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