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Board of Directors Nominations Open

Oct 23, 2018

The ACAPT Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for the following positions to begin service in October 2019:


In order to provide a more representative Board of Directors, we are particularly looking for Candidates of diverse race or ethnicity as well as Candidates from institutions located in the middle Atlantic, the West North Central, the Pacific Northwest and the East South Central regions.

The Slate to Date:

As we build our 2019 slate, our outstanding candidates to date represent 6 public universities and 13 private universities.  Their geographic locations include:

  • South Atlantic (DE, DC, FL…) Two candidates
  • Middle Atlantic (NJ; NY…)  Three candidates
  • East North Central (IL, MI…)  Two candidates
  • West North Central (IA,…) Two candidates
  • West South Central (AR…)  Four candidates
  • New England (CT, ME, MA…) No candidates
  • Pacific (AK, CA, HI, OR, WA) Two candidates
  • East South Central (AL, KY…) No candidates
  • Mountain (AZ, CO, ID, MT…) Three candidates

Director: (2 positions open)

The Directors provide the ultimate direction for carrying out the mission of the management of the affairs of the organization. The Board is responsible for policymaking.  Only the official Representatives of the ACAPT Member Institutions are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. Directors shall serve a 3 year term.

Secretary: (1 position open)

The Secretary keeps and distributes the minutes of all the meetings of the ACAPT Representatives, the Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors. The Secretary is responsible for all notices to members and official actions of ACAPT.  The Secretary is a voting member of the Board of Directors and serves a 3-year term.


Nominating Committee Member: (1 position open)

The Nominating Committee members recruit candidates for open positions, obtain candidate statements and bios, and assure each candidate's eligibility before presenting their names to the voting members. Nominating committee members shall serve a 3- year term and are Representatives of the ACAPT Member Institutions. 


We will continue accepting candidates for the 2019 slate until January 18, 2019. 

We invite all ACAPT members designated as the voting representatives for their institution to apply.  The Consent to Serve form is due by 5pm (EST) on January 18, 2019 and the Candidate Biography form is due by 5pm (EST) on March 1, 2019. These forms are available from any Nominating Committee member. 


ACAPT Nominating Committee:
Mary Shall - msshall@vcu.edu
Denise Bender – denise-bender@ouhsc.edu
Diane Heislein - heislein@bu.edu

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