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Virtual clinical reasoning networking research symposium

Dec 15, 2020

ACAPT’s Clinical Reasoning Curricula & Assessment Consortium (CRCAC) hosts a virtual clinical reasoning networking research symposium

To help the development of physical therapy researchers, the clinical reasoning consortium is connecting 11 mentees with 9 mentors now through mid-February 2021. 

The networking between the researchers and the mentoring relationships is helping to develop a collaborative research project/study designed to address one of the five priority research areas and establish a plan for timeline and deliverables.

The five priority research areas were determined during a CRCAC-sponsored event at NEXT in 2017: 

  1. What is clinical reasoning in physical therapy?
  2. What should entry-level clinical reasoning look like?
  3. What is the trajectory of learner development of clinical reasoning abilities?
  4. What are best practices for teaching and assessment of clinical reasoning? 
  5. What is the role of clinical reasoning and shared decision making in the context of team based care?

Mentors are providing feedback to each researcher on their three-minute thesis proposal, which is based on a Problem-Gap-Hook statement the researchers submitted previously. The structure of the three-minute thesis is widely adopted worldwide.  It challenges researchers to present their research in 180 seconds with just one slide.   

Future sessions will include:   

  • Direct mentoring and networking
  • Advancement of the mentees’ research ideas
  • Construction of support networks and possibly research teams
  • Development of a timeline and plan for the research project

Learn more about CRCAC and stay tuned for future clinical research symposium events and your opportunity to get involved.  Individual members from ACAPT member institutions can join CRCAC for free.

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