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ACAPT Leadership Academy (ALA) open volunteer positions

Aug 9, 2021

The ACAPT Leadership Academy (ALA) is seeking new volunteers for the Student Leadership Development Sub-committee.  ALA strives to develop just-in-time, cost-effective, extensive leadership resources for all ACAPT stakeholders.

ALA's Student Leadership Development Sub-committee purpose includes:

  • Identify and/or create mechanisms to expose students to leadership development opportunities in collaboration with the Student Assembly (e.g., sponsored programs at National Student Conclave, routine articles in student publications or social media, website links between ACAPT and Student Assembly, online training modules that can be adopted by all academic programs, etc.).
  • Create and promulgate career paths to guide students/residents/fellows from student/resident/fellow to the academy.

Reports to: The ACAPT Leadership Academy (ALA) Oversight Committee

Qualifications (two different positions): 

DPT student enrolled in the first or second year of an accredited DPT program - one volunteer being sought.  Length of term is 1 year (potential to be appointed for a second year). 

Physical Therapist that is either a program director or a faculty member who has served in an advising/mentoring role for student leadership development - two volunteers being sought. Length of term is 3 years. 

The deadline to submit your interest in volunteering is September 13, 2021. Please send your letter of interest, resume and a completed ACAPT Guidelines and Assignment of Copyright form to acapt@acapt.org

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