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Interprofessional Education Collaborative

Feb 15, 2023

The Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) met in early February 2023 to discuss Driving Progress Toward Interprofessional Collaborative Practice.

ACAPT is an IPEC member and ACAPT Executive Director Sandy Brooks and ACAPT's National Interprofessional Education Consortium (NIPEC) Chair Kimberly Beran-Shepler, as well as NIPEC Directors-at-Large Cheryl Babin and Shelene Thomas attended the meeting.

The 3 major themes of the meeting included:

(1) Interprofessional education (IPE) & patient care: A scoping review

This project is evaluating the evidence linking IPE interventions to improving the delivery of safe and effective patient care.

(2) Development & validation of the IPEC Institutional Assessment Instrument

You can review an 11-minute presentation here by entering the passcode: dD55T&pN 

(3) IPEC Core Competencies Revision

The IPEC Core Competencies have helped to frame the national dialogue on the need for IPE and collaborative practice as a catalyst for improving team-based patient care and enhancing population health outcomes.

In 2013, ACAPT members voted to encourage all DPT programs to use the four IPEC Core Competency domains in their curriculum. The competencies include:

  1. Values/ethics for interprofessional practice
  2. Roles/responsibilities
  3. Interprofessional communication
  4. Teams & teamwork

IPEC has begun a 2021-2023 formal process to review and revise the 2016 IPEC Core Competencies & 2011 core competencies.  Amber Fitzsimmons is representing PT in this IPEC project. 

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