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PT honor student inductee Zhuo Wang

Below is an ACAPT interview with one of the National Physical Therapy Student Honor Society inductees.  Congratulations Zhuo!

How did you become interested in pursuing a doctor of physical therapy (DPT) degree?  

I was determined to become a PT when I was young.  Seeing PTs help people regain function and return home after a huge earthquake in my hometown, I wanted to be someone like them to help relight the hope of the patients and their families.

What’s been your experience as a student so far & what do you enjoy the most?

My learning experience at UNMC was fun and invaluable. I learned a lot about physical therapy practice in different settings. And I really enjoyed my interaction with faculty and classmates.

The most impressive thing I learned from this program was clinical reasoning. Learning opportunities like simulations, problem-based learning (PBLs) and clinical rotations allowed me to practice how to treat the patient as a whole person, how to think from their perspective and how to problem-solve to help improve function.

How do you plan to give back in your career, community, etc.?

I plan to go back to my hometown – Chengdu, China, where physical therapy is currently under rapid development. I would like to provide excellent physical therapy by using my acquired skills as both a competent professional and as a compassionate human being.

I would also like to continue my research in physical therapy and apply it to clinical practice. Moreover, as physical therapy is still not well-known to the public in China, I would like to devote myself to advocating for the profession and promoting the development of a national professional society to unite PTs in China.

Why did you become a member of the National PT Student Honor Society? 

The National PT Student Honor Society is a great platform to meet PT students who are passionate about the profession and who demonstrate achievements in specific areas. It provides me with opportunities to develop a professional network and share thoughts with other PT students.

The honor society is also a good place for developing leadership and professional growth.

Zhuo Wang

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2021
University of Nebraska Medical Center

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