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National Student Honor Society

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The Selection Process:

    Step #1. Each ACAPT member institution will be responsible for creating their own process for nominating, reviewing, selecting, and honoring inductees.

    Step #2. Individual ACAPT member institutions shall either create a specific internal committee, or utilize a current selection committee, to receive and review all student application materials for the National Student Honors Society.  Institutions are encouraged to use the rubric shown below in their selection process.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: To be inducted into the National Student Society, all students must register and complete an ACAPT online application first and submit it to their chair/director.  Students who have not completed an application cannot be inducted.

    Step #3. All student submissions should be screened to ensure the applicant packet is complete, and based on the criteria established by ACAPT for each category (Academic, Service, Research, Leadership).

    Step #4. Students selected to be inducted into the National Student Honors Society are presented to the chair/director of the ACAPT member institution for final endorsement.

    Step #5. The chair/director of the ACAPT member institution will submit the names of students to be inducted into the ACAPT National Student Honors Society.  To do this, send an email to acapt@acapt.org with the subject line "National Student Honor Society Inductee(s) Selected".  Include the student's first and last name, the email address they used in their application, and their institution.  Please also confirm the program's mailing address and person who should receive the mailing as well as the date by which you need the certificates and lapel pins as part of a ceremony to honor the inductees.  Please note the timeline for this process here.

    Step #6.  The ACAPT member institution may notify the inductees in whatever manner deemed appropriate. 

    Note: Should students or their institution wish to purchase honor cords for their inductees to wear, then they should be sure to use the colors for the Delta Phi Tau Honor Society, which are Teal and Gold in a single cord.  Honor cords purchased are the expense of the student or institution.

    For questions, contact acapt@acapt.org


Scoring Rubric

    The following scoring rubric is to objectively assess the categories of service, leadership, research, and other activities submitted by nominees to the National Student Honors Society.  Applicants who demonstrate excellence in providing service in health care functions and physical therapy related areas should receive greater consideration by selection committees at ACAPT member institutions during the decision making process.

    Grade Not Listed Poor Fair Good Excellent
    Community/ School Impact
    0 1
    Service has a marginal effect on the local community/ school
    2 Service has an effect on the local community/ school3 Service affects a regional area greater than the local community/ school 4 Service affects an area greater than the regional area
    Time Spent Serving 0 1
    A single volunteer event
    1-2 hours per week
    2-5 hours per week
    5+ hours per week
    Duration of positive impact of service 0 1
    Service has a positive effect on the community/ school but no lasting impact
    Service has community/ school impact lasting < 1 yr
    Service has a community/ school impact lasting > 1 yr
    Service has a community/ school impact lasting indefinitely (ie. policy change)
    Leadership: Qualities/ Role/ Positions 0 1
    No leadership roles or positions held, but some qualities identified
    Demonstrates evidence of leadership qualities and roles, minimally defined or little evidence of impact
    Demonstrates evidence of leadership qualities/roles/ including positions held, evidence of some impact and responsibility
    Demonstrates evidence of leadership qualities/ roles/ positions with great responsibility and widespread impact
    Research:0 1
    Participated as a subject in a faculty or student supervised research project
    Paid position as research assistant – research contributes to advancing the PT profession
    Active participation in research (e.g. co-investigator) contributing to the PT profession
    Contributed author in peer reviewed scholarship (published abstract, published journal article, CSM presentation, other national presentation)