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Benchmark Listings

Select an institution or search by keyword

Choose an institution to see the publications and grants for that program.  There is a summary of publications along with a link to a pdf file for a web of science report for that program.  This pulls up a standard report for that institution’s publications for the reporting period.

Below this box is a list of all grants for this institution.  You can use this list to find likely collaborators at that institution.  You can also see the overall size of the award, as well as how much of that is attributed to the PT program.

There is also a search feature.  When a particular institution is selected, the search is confined to that institution.  To search across institutions, put the dropdown list back at the top where is says select an institution, and then enter search terms, such as spinal cord, to find relevant entries across institutions.

To see all listings, leave the search area blank, make sure no institution is selected, and click Search

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