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Planning calendar

The following is information for ACAPT Member Representatives to help in planning ahead throughout the year on important deadlines.

The ACAPT Board of Directors meets monthly by conference call and face-to-face at the Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) and the Educational Leadership Conference (ELC)

If you have something you wish to have the board discuss, please submit your details in writing to acapt@acapt.org and note any deadlines or who should be contacted for follow-up.  All dates below are subject to change.


  • Deadline for election candidates to express interest by submitting consent-to-serve, bios, and candidate statements


  •  CSM
    • Board meeting typically on Tuesday afternoon.
    • Roundtable Liaison Meeting with ACAPT Board of Directors on Wednesday evening to include hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar.  This informal meeting is an opportunity for open dialogue with the ACAPT board member who is assigned as a liaison to a member institution.
    • Consortia and Committee meetings throughout the conference.


  • Call for proposals (also called abstracts) for the Educational Leadership Conference (ELC).
  • Slate of candidates for office are announced and posted to the ACAPT website.  Opportunity for members to petition for candidates in addition to those on the slate (due 14 days after slate announced.)


  • Election polls open on the first Monday of the month.
  • ELC
    • deadline for abstract submissions
    • hotel opens for registration
    • call for exhibitors and sponsors


  • Election polls close on the first Monday of the month.
  • ELC: decisions on abstract submissions; presenters notified.  Clinical scholarship applications open.


  • ELC: registration opens and the program is posted online (subject to changes up through the conference).
  • Motions: It is recommended that members begin developing motions to be presented to the ACAPT membership at ELC for a vote and send the documentation for the motion to acapt@acapt.org by no later than June 30. The final deadline, however, is no less than 2 months prior to the business meeting in October at ELC, which would be August.  By submitting early, there is ample time for the ACAPT Reference Committee and Board to review the motions, and present any questions/concerns to the submitter for re-submitting prior to the August deadline. This is only a recommendation.


  • Dues invoices and invitations go out to all CAPTE accredited institutions.
  • Election candidates informed of election results.  Those elected to Board positions are to book their hotel room and plan to attend the board, Open Forum, Business, and Roundtable Liaison meetings at ELC.


  • Deadline: Any motion to be voted on by the ACAPT membership must be submitted by no later than two months prior to the Business Meeting in October at ELC, per the Standing Rules.  Submit your motion by August 1 to acapt@acapt.org


  • Succession planning to begin for those leaders transitioning out of office after the Business Meeting at ELC.
  • Motions:
    • Motions for Member Representative vote at ELC posted.
    • Member Representative reminder - provide name of individual attending the Business Meeting and voting on behalf of the member representative (must be an APTA member).  The alternate must be an APTA member within the institution following the guidelines for being a representative established by ACAPT. Review the bylaws and standing rules for details.


  • Education Leadership Conference (ELC):
    • Thursday: Board of Directors meeting
    • Thursday: Open Forum meeting in the evening
    • Friday: Business Meeting in the afternoon
      • MOTIONS: Representatives or their designated alternate must register within 1 hour of the Business Meeting in order to establish if a quorum is present. Staff will issue each designated representative or alternate a voting card for the Business Meeting.
      • ELECTIONS: Elected candidates assume office at the close of the business meeting.
    • Saturday: Celebration of Diversity dinner in the evening.
    • Consortia and Committee meetings throughout the conference.


  • Motions results from ELC are posted.
  • Business meeting minutes from ELC are posted to the website.


Who We Are

The American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) is a not-for-profit association dedicated to excellence in physical therapist education programs as a whole.

The best minds in academic PT are here.  Our organizational membership includes over 95% of all U.S.-accredited physical therapist programs. We serve and represent the staff of these 242 PT educational institutions, including:

  • faculty,
  • clinical partners, and
  • academic administrators and leaders. 

What We Do

ACAPT develops the entrepreneurial leadership skills of PT academic staff so they can develop tomorrow's physical therapy leaders in health care.

We create methods to benchmark excellence in PT education.

We're expanding and promoting educational research.

We advance innovative clinical education models.

We promote professional and community service.

We collaborate with organizations representing health professional education.

We invite you to engage with ACAPT to define and deliver excellence and innovation in academic physical therapy:

  • ACAPT's eight consortia are forums to focus on specific areas of shared interest.
  • When necessary for ongoing tasks, we've developed standing committees.
  • When large, short-term undertakings are required, we form task forces.

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ACAPT welcomes ideas & solutions to help meet the needs of DPT programs. Submit your suggestions for continuing education, professional development, guidelines, tools, best practices and more.

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