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Task Forces

A task force is a group of individuals appointed by the ACAPT Board of Directors to complete a specific charge or objective of interest to the enterprise of academic physical therapy. Task forces are typically composed of ACAPT members, but may include representation from other communities of interest. An ACAPT Board member will be assigned as a liaison to the task force.  APTA Staff and/or a consultant could be asked to serve on or assist with an ACAPT task force, as needed. The board appoints the chair of the Task Force.   The Chair organizes the work of the task force, recording meeting notes or minutes of meetings/conference calls, and submitting reports to the ACAPT Board.

The Task Force’s work is completed when they present a report to the ACAPT Board of Directors on their findings with recommendations. The Board may support and accept any or all of the recommendations.  The Board may also choose to table, take no action or edit the recommendations.

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