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Reference Committee

ACAPT is seeking an additional Reference Committee (RC) member, who must be an Institutional Representative and will serve a three-year term.  See the RC member job description.  Contact acapt@acapt.org with your interest by February 21, 2024.

The overarching mission of the RC is to respond to the organizational needs of ACAPT over time, by ensuring that the business that comes before the membership is timely, in order, well stated and prepared for discussion and vote.


  • The RC receives and correlates bylaws amendments and main motions from membership. 
  • Then, the RC works closely with a parliamentarian, ACAPT Executive Director and the ACAPT Board of Directors to ensure that bylaws and main motions meet parliamentary requirements to proceed to membership for a vote at an special meeting for bylaw amendments (or) at the ACAPT Annual Business Meeting at the Education Leadership Conference (ELC) each October. 
  • Provides advice and counsel regarding form, wording, and method of presentation of matters to be presented at the special and/or annual business meeting.
  • All main motions and resolutions, except for procedural motions presented at the special meeting, are referred to the Reference Committee unless this rule is suspended in any particular case by a majority vote of the membership.
  • Members of the Reference Committee are present at the ACAPT special meeting & annual business meeting and reply to inquiries directed to the committee by the presiding officer.
  • Education to membership.
  • Scripting and handling of business meeting.
  • Resolution receipt & triage: Upon receipt of a motion concept, the RC will process requests with the RP and Board to ensure that there are no conflicts and that the motion will be in order and in line with the developing guidelines for ACAPT business.
  • Resolution preparation with motion maker: Once a motion concept is considered ready for the business meeting and the organization, the RC liaisons will work with the motion maker to ensure that the resolution is properly prepared.
  • Resolution review & reconciliation: Annually, the RC members will review all approved motions “on the books” and reconcile them for accuracy, overlap, need of update, etc. and work with the RP for business meeting needs.

Committee composition & terms

  • Consists of three institutional representatives appointed by the Board of Directors.
  • The Vice-President serves as an ex officio member of the RC.
  • Each member other than the Vice-President serves a three year term with at least one new member appointed no later than November 1 of each year.

See the list of ACAPT Reference Committee Liaisons here.

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