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National honor society inductees value relationships & plan to give back

Apr 26, 2021

Over 1,000 DPT students have been inducted into the National Physical Therapy Student Honor Society.  Inductees tell us the people they meet in school - fellow students, faculty and patients - make the experience so worthwhile. 

Read more in the links below about these amazing students and make sure your program participates in the honor society so you can recognize student excellence. 

National Physical Therapy Student Honor Society inductees

A few highlights below:

  • "The honor society is a good place for developing leadership and professional growth," says Zhuo.

  • "Being a DPT student was incredibly challenging but with each challenge came an even greater reward both inside and outside the classroom," says Lauren. "I learned how to push myself and those around me and get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

  • "There are many areas that lack health care professionals, so I hope to increase access and opportunities for people to have an easier time visiting a physical therapist," says Gabriela.

If your DPT program has BIPOC inductees that ACAPT could profile, please contact us at marketing@acapt.org.

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