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Exploring the integration of disabilities studies in PT education and practice

Sep 21, 2021

At the Educational Leadership Conference (ELC) on Saturday, October 23 at 8:15 a.m., join PT faculty from the ACAPT Consortium for Humanities, Ethics & Professionalism (CHEP) in dialogue with disability studies scholar, Benjamin Reiss, PhD to explore the integration of disabilities studies in PT education and practice. 

Dr. Reiss, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor and Chair, Department of English, Emory University, is a well-recognized scholar in disability studies.  He is a co-editor editor of Keywords for Disability Studies and a founding director of Emory’s Disability Studies Initiative.  Dr.Reiss reflects:

"A key insight of disability studies is that disabled people are bearers of knowledge and not just objects of study.  It seems to me that learning from people with disabilities, treating their lived experience as a form of expertise, could be an important part of developing disability studies (DS) within the field [of physical therapy].”


Moderated by Sarah Blanton (Emory University and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation), the panel will discuss:

  • Historical perspectives on the intersections of disability studies and rehabilitation,
  • Opportunities for the integration of disability studies into current PT curricula, and
  • Considerations of people with disabilities as physical therapy service providers and educators.

Panelists: Sarah Caston, Emory University and Amanda Sharp, University of Minnesota

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