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ACAPT Election Results

May 21, 2019

ACAPT Board of Directors

Director: Dr. Peter Altenburger, IUPUI (Indiana)
Director: Dr. Mary Dockter, University of Mary (North Dakota)
Secretary: Dr. Emmanuel John, Chapman University (California)

ACAPT Nominating Committee
Dr. Tricia Austin, St. Louis University (Missouri)

Clinical Reasoning & Curricular Assessment Consortium:

  • Vice Chair: Wing Fu, PT, MA, PhD
  • Nominating Committee: Jennifer Canbek, PT

Early Assurance BS/DPT Program Consortium:

  • Vice Chair: Lora Packel, PT, PhD

Education and Pedagogy Consortium:

  • Chair: Shawn Drake, PT, PhD
  • Vice Chair: Marcia Himes, PT, DPT, DHSc
  • Nominating Committee: Amy H. Miller, PT, DPT, EdD

Consortium for the Humanities, Ethics, and Professionalism:

  • Chair: Cindy Dodds, PT, PhD, PCS
  • Secretary: Sara Luna, PT, DPT, GCS
  • Nominating Committee: Sarah Caston, PT, DPT

National Consortium of Clinical Educators:

  • Chair: Janice Howman, PT, DPT, Med
  • Nominating Committee: Veronica Jackson, PT, DPT
  • Academic Director-at-Large: Lori Gusman, PT, DPT, MS
  • Academic Director-at-Large: Robin Galley, PT, DPT
  • Academic Director-at-Large: Katie Myers, PT, DPT
  • Clinical Director-at-Large: Jaclyn Carson, PT, DPT

National Interprofessional Education Consortium:

  • Chair: Myles Quiben, PT, PhD, DPT, MS
  • Secretary: Kimberly Beran-Shepler, PT, DPT, OCS
  • Director-at-Large: Denise Bender, JD, PT, M.Ed.
  • Director-at-Large: Cheryl Babin, PT, DHS, MHA, CAGS
  • Nominating Committee: Amy Crocker, PT, DPT, OCS
  • Nominating Committee: Laura Gras, PT, DPT, DSc

Research-Intensive Programs in Physical Therapy Consortium:

  • Vice Chair: Mary S. Shall, PT
  • Secretary: Stacy Fritz, PT


All of the above will assume office this October

Celebrating APTA's Centennial



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