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Elections Form

As it should appear on the ballot

As it should appear on the ballot

Candidate Statement for BOD
Candidate Statement for Institutes


Please rate your experience with the following criteria. Rating is 0: no experience, 5: some courses/experience, 10: fully competent with experience and educational courses. Add identify examples to support the ratings.


Now from the following areas rank them from 1-8 with 1 being the strongest area for you.


Pick the top 3 from each of these categories that relate to you as an individual

Strategic Thinking
Relationship Building


Please rank the following strengths from 1-4 with 1 being your strength

Consent to Serve

I affirm my willingness to serve, if elected, in the Institute identified above of the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy’s. I understand that ACAPT is a 501(c)6 non-profit business entity and that if elected, I will be expected to uphold the duties of care, loyalty, and obedience of this office. 

Duty of Care:  
This duty requires officers, directors, and institute leaders to exercise ordinary and reasonable care in the performance of their duties, exhibiting honesty and good faith. Officers, director, and institute leaders must act in a manner which they believe to be in the best interests of the association, and with such care, including reasonable inquiry, as an ordinarily prudent person in a like position would use under similar circumstances.  

Duty of Loyalty:  
This is a duty of faithfulness to the organization. This means that officers, directors, and institute leaders must give undivided allegiance to the organization when making decisions affecting the organization. In other words, officers, directors, and institute leaders cannot put personal interests above the interests of the organization. Officers, directors, and institute leaders should be careful to disclose even potential conflicts of interest to the board of director and should recuse themselves from deliberation and voting on matters in which they have personal interests.  

Duty of Obedience:  
This duty requires officers, directors, and institute leaders to act in accordance with the organization's articles of incorporation, bylaws, and other governing documents, as well as all applicable laws and regulations. 

Please read Confidentiality Conflicts of Interest Noncompetition and Copyright and Guidelines and Assignment of Copyright.

Agree to serve

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