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The American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) has placed strategic priority on establishing mutually beneficial relationships to advance education and professional development of physical therapists as leaders within the healthcare team to promote health in our society. ACAPT seeks innovative relationships that promote teaching, scholarship, research and service activities within the academic and clinical setting.

Thank you to the current ACAPT partners!


Who We Are

ACAPT organizational membership includes nearly 100% of all U.S.-accredited physical therapist programs in higher education. The decision-makers for those programs, including program chairs, are also ACAPT members. Learn more about ACAPT here.

What We Believe

ACAPT is the principal voice representing academic physical therapists.

As critical members of the health care team, physical therapists enjoy high job satisfaction, interest from students, consumer demand and good employment rates. ACAPT celebrates this excellence, and we want to preserve and nurture it.

Our Vision

As a respected leader in academic physical therapy, ACAPT will create a shared culture of excellence to improve societal health.

Our Mission

ACAPT member institutions are champions of innovation, inclusion and inquiry in academic physical therapy.


Individual ACAPT members include:

  • Physical therapist faculty
  • Academic administrators, including program directors and deans
  • Clinical educators

ACAPT’s Core Values

  • Excellence and distinctiveness in academic physical therapy.
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership toward a desired future that engenders innovation, flexibility and creativity.
  • Respect for diverse perspectives while being committed to high standards.
  • Collaboration and shared responsibility for promoting best practices and outcomes in academic physical therapy and the profession.
  • Engagement and empowerment for direct and open participation, discussion and decision making among all stakeholders.

ACAPT embraces and actively seeks out partnerships with various organizations that share its core values and help to achieve its mission, vision and the goals and objectives of its strategic plan.

What We Do

ACAPT develops the entrepreneurial leadership skills of physical therapist academicians so they can develop tomorrow's leaders in health care.

  • We create methods to benchmark excellence in PT education.
  • We're expanding and promoting educational research.
  • We advance innovative clinical education models.
  • We promote professional and community service.
  • We collaborate with organizations representing health professional education.
  • ACAPT's consortia are forums to focus on specific areas of shared interest.

Why Become a Partner

  • Exposure and opportunities for targeted marketing and promotion top stakeholders and decision-makers at U.S.-accredited physical therapist programs - including program chairs, faculty and clinical partners. 
  • Create brand awareness and increase brand loyalty among a targeted audience of physical therapy educators and decision-makers.
  • Recognition at the Educational Leadership Conference (ELC), the only conference dedicated to academic physical therapy.
  • Establish your commitment to supporting physical therapist educators.
  • Stand out from your competition.
  • Drive interest and visibility to your products and services by reinforcing your brand messaging.

Partner Showcase Level- $5,000

Annual benefits:

  • First rights for sponsoring ACAPT-only, including in-person and virtual events through July 2023
  • Post a 2–5-minute video of your product, service or latest innovation as a solution on ACAPT’s YouTube Channel. Featured on our “Solutions for your Program/Clinic” playlist
  • Company logo, description & link to company website appear on ACAPT’s Partners web page   
  • Company logo, description, and link to company website on ACAPT’s social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) posts quarterly
  • Company logo, description, and link to company website listed in article on ACAPT Enews (reaching 6,000+ subscribers/PT education contacts) quarterly
  • Promotional material (flyer) and/or logo recognition at all three of ACAPT’s most attended meetings for ACAPT members including during the annual Education Leadership Conference (ELC) 2022 and Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) 2023:
    • ACAPT Roundtable Liaison Meeting: ACAPT hosts a meeting for each of its member institutions each year to engage in an informal information-sharing discussion with the board of directors. This event is known as the Roundtable Liaison Meeting. Attendance is approx. 300.
    • ACAPT Business Meeting: ACAPT presents its annual report and presents motions brought forward by members each year in a formal setting during the Educational Leadership Conference. This event is known as the ACAPT Business Meeting. Attendance is approx. 300.
    • ACAPT Consortium Meetings: ACAPT’s consortia host business meetings with their members each year at the Educational Leadership Conference. Attendance ranges from 25-300.

*Partner is responsible for shipping/bringing promotional material to the conference. All promotional material must be approved by ACAPT.

    Click here for the partner application

    Partner Eligibility

    The following are eligible to partner with ACAPT:

    • Commercial organizations whose products and services are related to PT education 
    • Nonprofit or philanthropic organizations, such as recognized and accredited schools and national foundations
    • Recognized and reputable health organizations and associations
    • Persons or organizations that provide continuing education for PT educators

    *All partners must be approved by the Finance Committee of ACAPT

    ACAPT would be interested in opportunities to place promotional items with the Partner organization, such as:

    • ACAPT logo and link on your website, newsletters, or social media 
    • ACAPT events/meetings linked to your events page/calendar

    Terms & conditions

    The American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) partnership policy contains terms that constitute a binding agreement between the partner and ACAPT:

    1. All partner applications must be approved by the Finance Committee of ACAPT. The Finance Committee of ACAPT is authorized to act on behalf of the Board of Directors in granting promotion on behalf of a strategic partner. ACAPT has the right to accept or decline any partner application.
    2. All advertisements must conform with ACAPT’s purpose, mission, vision and core values. ACAPT reserves the right to decline or cancel/remove any advertisement considered contrary to, or in conflict with, ACAPT bylaws, standing rules, policies, and ACAPT’s core values. However, compliance of this does not guarantee acceptance of an advertisement.
    3. The appearance of an advertisement on the ACAPT communication channels does not constitute or imply endorsement. ACAPT does not verify the accuracy of claims made in advertisements and running an ad does not imply endorsement by ACAPT.
    4. ACAPT may decide that certain products or services are not eligible for promotion if it consistently or significantly departs from ACAPT’s purpose, mission, vision or core values. ACAPT shall have the right to approve or deny all requests as well as advertising or promotional material prior to publication. All advertisement requests must be submitted no less than three weeks in advance of the requested posting date.
    5. For any potential promotion from ACAPT to occur, the group, organization, or individual requesting a partnership must reveal if there is any real or potential conflict interest.
    6. Submission of payment constitutes acceptance of the above terms. Only upon receipt of full payment shall promotional materials be published. There are no options for partial or prorated payments, etc. No cancellations or refunds will be issued. ACAPT’s partnership benefits are effective for one year after acceptance of application.
    7. ACAPT reserves the right to make changes to its policies, and the partner’s continued benefits with ACAPT constitute acceptance of these changes.
    8. You assume any and all liability associated with your partnership. Applicant and its officers, representatives and staff agree to indemnify and hold ACAPT harmless with respect to the partnership requested.

    If you're interested in becoming a partner or have any other questions, contact:

    Click here for the application.

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