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Thanks to the following ACAPT partners who generously support
excellence in academic physical therapy.

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Exxat is a company focused on giving health sciences students and academicians “exactly what they are looking for” by providing education management solutions to a dynamic community of over 1000 educational programs across the country.

Health science education is a rapidly evolving landscape, and it can be tough to stay on top of it all. Luckily, Exxat is evolving just as rapidly: keeping pace with what's new, helping you stay organized and making your job easier every day by streamlining clinical education placements, accreditation processes, compliance management and more.

Let Exxat's new Prism platform bring it all together! With clinical education, curriculum management, compliance documents, contract tracking and more, Prism is the all-in-one solution for simplifying physical therapy and physical therapist assistant education management.

Find out more at exxat.com

Rehab Essentials

Rehab Essentials is committed to deliver purposeful change to physical therapy education that elevates, connects, and impacts rehabilitation professionals globally. 

As part of this commitment, our enTandem DPT and University Licensing programs provide innovative, distance learning options for doctorate level physical therapy programs.

enTandem DPT is more than a blended learning curriculum—it is a comprehensive, collaborative entry level program, designed with students in mind. Delivered through a deeply rooted collaborative relationship centering around the university faculty—it supports learning and student development in a completely unique manner. It’s about Rehab Essentials and the university working enTandem, together intentionally elevating the next generation of Physical Therapists within the University culture.

Our University Licensing program allows university affiliates to license our educational content for entry-level professional training. The program helps increase the productivity of your faculty by allowing them to focus on higher impact, immersive learning experiences while students utilize Rehab Essentials course modules to review foundational information taught by content experts. Our licensing program is a cost-effective solution to your program’s educational needs. With a full catalog of world-class courses available, our courses can be blended into any curriculum.

Find out more at rehabessentials.com

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