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Institutional Profile Survey

ACAPT Center for Excellence in Academic Physical Therapy HP

2024 Institutional Profile Survey questions

To prepare for completing the 2024 Institutional Profile Survey in January 2024, ACAPT members can download this PDF of all the 2024 survey questions.

Through the survey, you can start to collect Excellence Framework data needed to help your DPT program on its continuous improvement journey towards excellence.  (Your institution's 2023 survey responses will pre-populate in your 2024 survey.)

2023 Institutional Profile Survey

  • For ACAPT member participants in the 2023 Institutional Profile Survey:  If needed, your program director can email acapt@acapt.org to receive a PDF/export file of your institution's 2023 survey responses.
  • 2023 is the first time we’re offering a new online reporting platform where members can filter responses by Carnegie classification, state(s) and more.  The number of questions in the 2023 survey, the type of reporting and the filtering are all contributing to a more complex and time-intensive process to make the survey platform results available.  We expect the process to take a few more months to deliver a robust platform and we'll keep you posted on exact timing.
  • Members can use the future aggregate data to help make informed decisions and negotiate with your provost for the long-term benefit of your DPT program. 

  • The collective, de-identified data will help DPT programs think beyond accreditation standards & how to continuously improve in an ongoing pursuit of excellence.
  • While privacy and other concerns currently prevent CAPTE from sharing Annual Accreditation Report (AAR) data, ACAPT is continuing to meet with CAPTE on a regular basis to discuss opportunities that lead us closer to our shared goal of excellence in academic physical therapy.  For the ACAPT survey, we avoided redundancy where possible, while collecting meaningful data related to excellence that goes beyond accreditation standards.

  • ACAPT is committed to data confidentiality & security.

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