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Event Details

Grant writing & mentoring in education research (GAMER) workshop


ACAPT is a proud co-sponsor of this highly-interactive 4-day workshop providing participants with the expertise and support to be successful at the national level in obtaining funding for physical therapy education research.

  • Application deadline: Friday, June 30, 2023 
  • Workshop dates: October 26-29, 2023
  • Location: Charleston, South Carolina

We bring together a nationally-recognized group of mentors and consultants as faculty, including representatives from potential funding agencies, to support participants work. The workshop provides:

  • Guidance in developing robust and theoretically grounded research agendas, research design and analysis (multiple methods).
  • Discussion and guidance in finding funding sources.
  • Grant writing and budgeting.
  • Creating intra- and inter-institutional collaborative research networks and projects. 

To provide these exceptional opportunities, attendance is targeted to be 16 participants. Participants need to have some experience with publishing in education research and already have ideas for grant applications.

How to apply

Apply here today!

Extended application deadline: Friday, June 30, 2023 

Physical Therapy Learning Institute (PTLI) will also be supporting up to $2,000 for GAMER applicants who apply with PTLI & are:

  • Accepted as a GAMER participant
  • Are investigating topics related to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) in physical therapy education
  • Are from historically marginalized backgrounds

Once participants are identified, they will be paired with mentors with education research experience and expertise. Engagement of mentors and participants will occur prior to, during, and following the workshop to develop sound education research proposals that maximize chances for successful funding and publication.

The ultimate aim is to create and expand a network of highly-qualified and productive education researchers who will:

  • Advance the science of physical therapist education,
  • Make significant contributions to the literature, and
  • Ultimately enhance physical therapy education and practice today and in the future.

Cost: $2,000* (paid by applicant’s institution)

Contact Rick Segal at segal@musc.edu with questions.

*Rate is for a member of one of the sponsoring organizations. Non-members will pay an unsubsidized rate

Grant writing & mentoring in education research GAMER 2023 


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