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Webinar Information

Webinar about ACAPT's diversity grants for APTA’s Fellowship in Education Leadership


Attend this interactive webinar to learn about ACAPT’s DEI initiatives and be inspired by a diverse group of fellowship graduates of the APTA Fellowship in Education Leadership (formerly ELI). Education leadership graduates will discuss the:

  • Top three reasons to attend the Fellowship in Education Leadership program.
  • Personal stories about their full-year fellowship experience and projects.
  • Opportunities extended to c fellowship graduates.

You’ll also hear more about the admissions process and the top five tips for completing an award-winning application.

To support diversity in academic PT leadership, the leading voice of physical therapist education programs is funding the ACAPT Faculty Diversity Award for the APTA Fellowship in Education Leadership in 2021. Webinar attendees will find out about eligibility criteria, tuition, and travel support provided by the award. This is an excellent opportunity for two minority fellow applicants to move their professional goals forward.

Date & TimeTuesday, January 19, 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. EST

Target Audience: Physical therapy educators interested in exploring ways to integrate leadership skills and communication in their academic institution, including:

  • Academic faculty
  • PT educators
  • Residency directors


Click here to register.

Learning Objectives: 

Participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the benefits of being a fellow graduate and how this can impact their future professional goals.
  • Identify several potential projects that could be implemented in their institution and utilized broadly by others.
  • Describe the application process for the APTA Fellowship in Education Leadership and the ACAPT Faculty Diversity Award.

Fee: Free



    • Jill Heitzman, PT, DPT, PhD
    • Kimberly Varnado, PT, DPT, DHSc
    • Julia Chevan, PT, DPT, PhD, MPH
    • Senobia D. Crawford, PT, PhD


    • Kimberly Varnado, PT, DPT, DHSc


    • Jill Heitzman, PT, DPT, PhD
    • Emmanuel B. John, PT, DPT, PhD, MBA, MPH
    • Jennifaye V. Brown, PT, PhD
    • Alexis R. Ortiz, PT, PhD
    • Harsha Deoghare, PT, PhD

    Chat moderator:

    • APTA Director of Professional Development Anne Reicherter, PT, DPT, PhD

    If you have any questions, contact events@acapt.org.

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