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Event Details

CSM 2019 PRE-CON: Medical Education Research Certificate (MERC) Program


Formulating Research Questions and Designing Studies and Hypothesis-driven Research, sponsored by the Education Leadership Partnership
Section: Academy of PT Education
Session Code:ED-P2-6103
Date:Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Time:8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location:Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Registration Fee Required:1B

Speaker(s): Larry Gruppen, PhD
Judy Shea, PhD

Session Type:Preconference Courses
Session Level:Intermediate

This course satisfies 2 of the 6 course requirements towards the Medical Education Research Certificate (MERC). In this course, participants will brainstorm research ideas, write, and refine a measurable research question. They will discuss when institutional review board (IRB) approval is required for their study. The basics of research design will be discussed and applied to their selected research question.

Learning Objectives:Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

1. Write a FINER (feasible, interesting, novel, ethical, relevant) educational research question.

2. Specify an educational research area of interest.

3. Evaluate whether they need IRB approval for their study.

4. Select the correct design for their research question.

5. Discuss how to translate a research question into a hypothesis, and how to develop the null hypothesis.

6. Discuss the steps in hypothesis testing.

7. Identify Type 1 and Type 2 errors.

8. Define and discuss power, sample size, confidence interval, and statistical significance.


Register here:  http://www.apta.org/CSM/Registration/

Workshops are limited to 25 registrants each.  We will have 2 rooms, each with both offerings of the workshops above.  Each workshop is 3-hours long.

Those interested in receiving a MERC Certificate must complete six (6) workshops. In order to receive a MERC Certificate you must first complete six (6) workshops. Upon completion you then have to register for the MERC Certificate Program and pay an additional fee of $100.  See all MERC workshop descriptions by clicking here.

Background  The MERC program was recognized by the leadership of the Education Leadership Partnership (ELP) as an essential first step toward making educational research a priority, as identified in the Excellence in Physical Therapist Education Task Force report, the Best Practices in Physical Therapist Clinical Education Task Force report,  and recommended by the APTA Board of Directors.  Additional initiatives are in development to further this priority and we invite you to continue to watch the websites of APTA, ACAPT, and the Education Section for more details.

The Education Leadership Partnership (ELP) is a collaborative of members of APTA, the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy, and the Education Section, committed to the common objective of reducing unwarranted variation in physical therapist practice through use of best practices in education.

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