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Webinar Information

Expanding research capacity - Lessons learned, new horizons (RIPPT webinar)


ACAPT's Research-Intensive Programs in Physical Therapy (RIPPT) promotes academic excellence by strengthening the community of research-intensive physical therapy programs in ACAPT. Individual members of ACAPT member institutions can join RIPPT for free.

The RIPPT seminar series is a monthly research-focused webinar that provides an interactive forum on topics of interest to the community of researchers in physical therapy and rehabilitation related fields.

This month’s 60-minute seminar is hosted by a panel of three PT chairs/program directors and three members of their faculty who will share their perspectives on:

  • What have I done to create a thriving research enterprise in my department/program? [Chairs/Directors]
  • What are the most important things that I have done to successfully develop my research program with the support of my program Director/Chair [Faculty Member]
  • How can aspiring programs/departments successfully acquire needed resources to build a strong research enterprise?

Each program dyad will have 10 minutes to address the questions, followed by an open discussion amongst participants.

Date & TimeWednesday, January 27, 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. EST

Target Audience: Faculty, post-docs, program directors/chairs, PhD students, and others interested in building research capacity.

Physical therapy faculty and administrators interested in exploring ways to advance and support research excellence in physical therapy.


Learning Objectives: The participant will reflect and identify:

  • Strategies to strengthen their research enterprise based on their role in their department/program.
  • Priorities to successfully develop their individual research program and what is needed to leverage support from the program Director/Chair
  • Components needed to develop and acquire resources for a strong research enterprise

Fee: Free



    • David Brown, PT, PhD (University of Texas – Medical Branch)
    • Carole A Tucker, PT, PhD (Temple University)


    • Neva Kirk-Sanchez, PT, PhD & Joyce Gomes-Osman, PT, PhD (University of Miami)
    • Mary Shall, PT, PhD & Ben Darter, PT, PhD (Virginia Commonwealth University)
    • Jules DeWald, PhD & Mike Ellis, PT, DPT (Northwestern University)

    If you have any questions, contact events@acapt.org.

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