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Webinar Information

Simulation 101 Q&A


ACAPT's  Simulation in Physical Therapy Education Consortium (SIPTEC) represents institutional members with a strong interest in simulation as a pedagogical approach to the education and professional development of physical therapist students, residents/fellows, and clinical educators. PT instructors at ACAPT member institutions can  join SIPTEC for free.

Whether you are just beginning to think about utilizing simulation, or you have been using simulation for years, it is helpful for us all to have common terminology. This question and answer session is intended to follow independent viewing of the Simulation 101 recorded presentation.

This presentation reviews:

  • Definitions of simulation-based learning experiences (SBLEs).
  • Standards of best practice for simulation.
  • Necessary components of SBLEs that distinguish simulation from other types of role play.
  • Various modalities of SBLEs including the definitions of simulated patients, standardized patients, and human patient simulators.
  • The presentation also includes a brief discussion of simulation fidelity.

After viewing the Simulation 101 recorded presentation, this Q&A session is an opportunity to ask any questions about the material and engage in dialogue with SIPTEC board members about simulation-based learning.

The Simulation 101 presentation and associated Q & A is not intended to provide training or certification in simulation-based education, but rather to serve as a foundation for PT educators to have a common starting point and common terminology when discussing simulation-based teaching and learning.

Target audience: Physical therapy educators and academic faculty who are interested in simulation-based learning

Fee: No charge


Learning objectives 

  • The objective of this Q&A session is to provide those who viewed the Simulation 101 presentation with an opportunity to ask questions about simulation terminology and concepts with a member of the SIPTEC board.
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Q&A Facilitators

Susan Miale, PT, DPT, EdD
Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy
Director of Curriculum and Professional Development
Clinical Associate Professor
Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY

SIPTEC Director-At-Large

Erin M. Thomas, PT, DPT
Clinical Assistant Professor
Co-assistant Director of Clinical Education
The Ohio State University - School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (College of Medicine)
Physical Therapy Division
SIPTEC Nominating Committee Member

If you have any questions, contact events@acapt.org.

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