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ACAPT commitment to data confidentality

ACAPT is committed to secure & confidential survey data management

ACAPT and its Center for Excellence in Academic Physical Therapy is supporting a culture of excellence and assessment through trustworthy and transparent data management and analysis for academic physical therapy. 

See more about the ACAPT Data Advisory Committee's goals, strategies and values.

We take data confidentiality and security very seriously.

  • The primary purpose of ACAPT's Institutional Profile Survey & other Center for Excellence survey data is to provide Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) programs with aggregate & anonymous data for each program's own informed decision-making, continuous improvement and negotiations with your institution's upper management.
  • ACAPT is keeping data confidential and anonymous so that no one outside of ACAPT staff can see how an individual institution responded.
  • Our technology partner has secure servers in place to protect all survey data.  Each ACAPT member institution receives its own survey platform account with private user login credentials.  Institutions and their staff cannot view any other institutions' individual survey responses.     
  • Within our upcoming survey reporting tool online, ONLY aggregate and deidentified data will be shared. 
  • To prevent any chance that an institution’s response could be deduced, we are implementing restrictions on data filtering reports so that a minimum of 5 institution responses will be displayed for any report.

For extra security, the survey and reporting platform also uses two-factor authentication, which prompts the user to collect cell phone/email address and send an authentication code for two-factor authentication. Once contact information has been captured and the user has been authenticated, the device will be remembered for 365 days and the user will only be prompted in the future to receive the code if a different device or browser is used.  

If a member requests it, an ACAPT Administrator will be able to bypass the two-factor authentication for a user for 24 hours.

For any further questions, please contact acapt@acapt.org.  To confirm which institution's program directors have completed the 2023 Institutional Profile Survey, view this list.

The survey helps foster:

  • Innovation: We recognize that each institution has a unique mission, structure and approach. Participating member institutions will be able to run interactive reports and use the survey aggregate data to consider different DPT program approaches. You may find that certain data will help you make a business case to your administration about changes you’d like to make.   

  • Inquiry:  When you access the survey results, you may question certain assumptions, gain new insights and consider different ways to approach teaching or serving your community.  See an example of from the 2022 DPT program staffing numbers.

    You can also use the Excellence Framework to continue discussions within your DPT program and motivate continuous improvement amongst all engaged in academic physical therapy. 

  • Confidentiality:  The report includes aggregate data and individual responses will be kept completely confidential and secure.  The Center is designed to inform and guide – not to compare and assess. 

Watch this video to learn more about the Center for Excellence & the Institutional Profile Survey.

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