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PhD Program Listings

PhD Program List

Physical Rehabilitation Science

  • Combined DPT-PhD Program Available: True
  • Must be a PT to enroll: False
  • Area(s) of Focus: Neuromotor Control & Rehab Core Concentration: This core concentration area of study consists of two facets: neuromotor science and motor control. Neuromotor science refers to knowledge about brain anatomy, biology, and physiology in relation to movement and movement disorders. Relevant techniques for research might include brain imaging, transcranial magnetic stimulation, startle probes, peripheral nerve stimulation or electroencephalography each of which are available to the trainees. Motor control refers to knowledge about the principles of interaction between neural/physiological, biomechanical, behavioral and developmental systems underlying movement function and dysfunction that can inform rehabilitation assessments and interventions. Relevant techniques for research might include physiological and biomechanical analyses, adaptation and learning paradigms, and clinical tests of movement function. Students are expected to have a knowledge-base in both areas but the specific applications will depend on their research questions.
  • Program Director: Kelly Westlake, PhD
  • Website: https://lifesciences.umaryland.edu/rehabscience/
  • Program Email: kwestlake@som.umaryland.edu
  • Avg. time to Degree (yrs): 6
  • Students Enrolled (total): 12
  • Typical # Admitted / yr: 2
  • Program Format (e.g. full-time, part-time or either): Either
  • PhD Program Structure: Program is in the same department or division as the PT program in the institution
  • Policy for Funding of Part Time PhD Students:
  • Policy for Funding of Full Time PhD Student:

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